CTCGLOBAL is the leading South Korean export company in veterinary medicine and feed additive business. Our goal is creating innovation and connection in animal industry.

We develop innovation by looking into different angle of conventions. With our brilliant insight, we’ve been found new potentials from normality. This becomes our innovation.

We create synergy by connecting the gaps between technology, region and culture. With our global network, we noticed differences between market. We bring new by changing old and constant. Through this work, we make great synergy to provide the best solution to the world.

Our goal is to make positive impact to animal industry. We believe the combination of our innovation products and strong connections will remain great footprints in the history of animal industry.



Innovative leader of global animal industry


Connecting the values and technologies to the animal industry initiatively and sustainably.

Core value

Passion, Communication, Care, Responsibility.

A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.


  • Support your clients and colleagues spontaneously
  • Access your office desktop with all of its documents and installed applications
  • Easily transfer files to and from the remote computer
  • Chat with nudge feature

CI, Slogan

It is an initial combination symbol mark that combines C of CTC and G of GLOBAL.
The Finger image of Directing is added here to symbolize the image of a leading global leader.