Subject What is Mannan?
Date 2021-06-23

What is Mannan?


What is mannan?

Mannan is a polysaccharide that is a polymer of mannose with galactose or glucose, or both. It is classified as non- starch polysaccharides (NSPs) and acts as an anti-nutritional factor (ANF). Even small amounts of manna can have a significant negative effect.


What happens if animal eat mannan?

Mannan increases viscosity in the intestine. In addition, it interferes with the action of digestive enzymes, gastric emptying, and reduces the absorption of various nutrients and water. It also interferes with the secretion of insulin and IGF-1, hormones related to metabolism and growth.


Can animal degrade the mannan?

Poultry and Pig can not degrade the mannan. Ruminant also hardly degrades mannan. In the 26 strains of microorganisms in the rumen, only five strains degraded more than 20% of mannan.

Then how can animal degrade the mannan?

Animals are difficult to degrade mannan on their own. Therefore, in order to eliminate the negative effect of mannan, the we should feed mannanase, which can degrade mannan. Then, the animals not only escape from negative effects of mannan, but also gain the additional energy that mannan was holding.