Subject Feed ingredients price will rise in 2021
Date 2021-03-17

What will the prices of feed ingredients be in 2021?

- Several journals expect corn or soybean meal prices to rise next year.


Figure 1 Global corn price change.

Figure 2 Global soybean price change.

Why is it rising?

- Due to the influence of La Niña, the climate of South America, which is the production site of corn and soybean meal, affects feed ingredients production
- Rebuilding of China's pig industry will reduce China's imports of animal protein and increase imports of feed ingredients.


Figure 3 Global pork production change and forecast.

Then, what should you do?

One of the solutions to this situation is enzymes.
Enzymes can increase digestion and absorption of feed crops. Therefore, it is possible to increase the proportion of inexpensive feed ingredients, resulting in cost savings.

Although 2020, which was difficult due to Covid-19, will pass and 2021 will come, rising feed prices are expected to reduce farm profits. I hope that many farmers will endure this challenge through a solution called enzymes.

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